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4900 rice broken is fragrant rice, light aroma, long grain rice, white rice, 4900 rice is grown in the Mekong Delta region and South Central region, aromatic rice, especially rice is flexible when it is cool, 4900 rice is exported to African countries, Southeast Asia, and countries of America – Latin America, China ……

VietNam Rice

Appearance: has long and relatively fat shape with translucent white color. This rice shares identical shape to Jasmine rice. New / fresh crops has fragrant scent.

After cooked: the rice is soft, sticky together with fragrant smell.

VietNam Rice

Number of crops per year: 3 (Feb to April - Winter Spring, June to August - Summer Autumn and November to December - Autumn Winter).

Growing areas: many provinces in the Mekong Delta from Long An, Tien Giang, Can Tho, Dong Thap and other provinces.


VietNam Rice

Long grain white rice 4900 Specifications



5% max


14% max

Foreign matter

0.1% max

Chalky kernel

1.0% max 

Damaged kernel

0.5% max

Red & red streak kernel

0.2% max 

Yellow kernel 

0.5% max 

Paddy Grains/ kg

1 seed max

Average length of grain

5.6 mm

Milling degree

well milled, double polish, sortex


new crop 

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