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6976 rice is a type of rice made from OM 6976 high-yielding rice, a variety of rice grown in the Mekong Delta and ranked first among export to South American countries. The 6976 grain of rice is long and clear, with very little belly. Medium flexible rice, soft (even when cooled), suitable for making fried rice in bars, restaurants, hotels.

VietNam Rice

When cooked cooked rice, porous. When allowed to cool, the surface layer of the rice is slightly hard. Mainly contains substances such as Gluxit, Lipit, Protein, sugar, vitamins and minerals.

VietNam Rice

Average length of grain: 6.6 mm

Amylase content from 24-25%

Micro-iron content of 6-8 mg / kg

VietNam Rice

Long grain white rice 6976 Specifications



5 (% max)


14 (% max)


0.1 (% max)

Silver belly

4-5 (% max)

Bad seeds

0.5 (% max)

Red seeds, red stripes

0.25 (% max)

Golden nut

0.2-0.5 (% max)


5-10 (seed / 50kg)


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