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1. Product information

Soybean (or Soybean) is a native seed of East Asia, suitable for many soil climatic conditions.

Seeds are round, oval, and round; yellow, green yellow, dark brown. In seeds, embryos usually account for 2%, 2 leaves of weed account for 90% and seed pods 8% of the total grain weight. Big and small seeds vary according to varieties, the weight of one thousand seeds (M1000 seeds) varies from 20-400g on average from l00g-200g. Navel seeds of different varieties have different colors and shapes, this is a characteristic manifestation of the varieties.

Yellow Soybean

This species is rich in protein protein, grown for human and animal feed.

Soybeans are widely grown in the Americas and Asia. Some countries that export a lot of soybeans are: USA, ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, CHINA, INDIA, ... CHINA is the main customer of USA Soybean

The countries with the highest demand for soybean imports are China, Japan, Mexico and Germany.

2. Uses and benefits of soybean:

Making human food such as: Tofu, soymilk, soya oil, tofu, etc. In Vietnam, there are some famous milk brands such as VINASOY.

Yellow Soybean

Yellow Soybean

Making food for animals: Baked peanuts, bean stalks,….

3. Nutrition ingredients of soybean: 

Soybean seeds (soybeans) have a high nutritional content, the average protein content ranges from 35.5 - 40%. Meanwhile, the protein content of rice is only 6.2-12%; corn: 9.8 - 13.2% of beef: 21%; chicken: 20%; fish: 17 - 20% and eggs: 13 - 14.8%, lipids from 15- 20%, hydrocarbons from 15-16% and many vitamins and minerals important for life.

4. Specifications of Soybean


Test weight lbs/bu

54 min per pound limit


35 % min

Oil content

18,5 % basis


14 % max

Foreign matter

2,0 % max


20,0 % max

Soybean other color

2,0 % max

Heat damage kermels

0,5 % max

Damaged kermels

3,0 % max




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