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Cuba coffee in English is pea berry and Spanish is Caracol, is a mutation, instead of normal coffee fruit (both Robusta and Arabica) for two flat seeds, inside the fruit of the coffee fruit. On mutated plants only develop a single circular particle. In a coffee garden, there will always be a ratio of 1% to 8% of the fruit that does not develop normally but as a mutation. In Vietnam often call this mutant coffee fruit is called Culi coffee.


The coffee beans are rounded, after being processed, the coffee beans will be selected, separated from normal flat coffee beans and sold as a separate coffee line, usually a little higher than the price of coffee of the respective coffee category.

There is no coffee called Culi coffee, but Culi coffee is on the same Robusta or Arabica coffee tree. Culi coffee is a mutant coffee tree. So, there are usually two types of coffee Robusta and Arabian coffee

Our company always provides Robusta coffee and Arabian coffee of the highest quality with the best price in each time.

The Robusta suitcase or the Arabica suitcase is a mutant line of coffee, of course, has a different flavor than normal Robusta or Arabica beans, these mutant seeds have their own advantages and better aroma.

The Robusta suitcase is balanced and moderate, while the taste of the Arabica is sour and distinct, and has a unique, delicious, very attractive feature compared to the taste of other Arabica lines.

Cuba Robusta coffee and Arabica coffee supply to partners used to produce and distribute as a separate, unique product line or to blend with other coffee lines, producing strains. Types of products that have their own taste as a secret of the distributor.

Bitter : 2/5

Sour : 3/5

Pylorus : 5/5

Physical : 4/5

Scent : 2/5

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