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DT8 is a light fragrant rice, newly grown and developed in Vietnam, DT8 is fragrant, sweet.

DT8 rice is grown in many areas of the Mekong Delta.

DT8 rice is exported to China, and other countrie African.

VietNam Rice

DT 8 is a high-quality pure rice variety studied and selected by the Vietnam Plant Seed Group (Vinaseed), which is currently the major rice variety in the Mekong Delta rice bowl as well as the South Central Coast and the Central Highlands.

This variety has a relatively short growth time, gives the full yield and meet the export standards.

VietNam Rice


VietNam Rice

DT8 has a characteristic light aroma, glossy white rice, flexible, drained rice, rice to the end of the milling season to eat is still flexible and delicious.

Fragrant rice DT8 Specifications


Broken (3/4 max)

5.0% max 


14.5% max

Foreign matter

0.1% max

Damaged kernels

0.5% max

Yellow kernels

0.5% max

Chalky kernels

2.0% max

Red and streaked kernels

0.5% max

Average length of grain

6.7 mm min

Paddy (grains/50 Kgs max)

04 (grains/50 Kgs max)

Milling degree

Well milled, double polished and sortexed



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