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504 rice has been dubbed "poverty reduction". This is a short-term rice variety grown in the Mekong Delta region, which has good pest resistance and high yield. Rice grain is large, opaque white, the rate of silver belly is high. Dried, expanded, porous rice is suitable for use as raw materials for production, customers who prefer dry rice.

VietNam Rice

Vietnam White Rice 5% Broken is developed from IR50404 (or IR504) variety by IRRI International Rice Institute and cultivated on Mekong Delta fields since 1992 then thrives in the following years thanks to many superior features such as high productivity, good adaptability to lots of farming terrain, especially the short-term harvest season, so it has pushed the output up and the price of rice down to be suitable for the user’s pocket.

VietNam Rice

Grain of rice has an average length with ivory white opaque in color, slightly broken rice. Due to the high content of Amilose, IR50404 rice is dry in texture but sweet and spongy when cooked slightly broken rice.

When cooked cooked rice, porous but when cooled rice is very hard.

Average particle length: 6.2 mm. Very high amylase content of 26%.

VietNam Rice

Long grain White rice 504 Specifications



5 (% max)


14  (%, max)


0.5 (%, max)

Silver belly       

6.0  (%, max)

Bad seeds            

0.75 (%, max)

Golden nut

0.75  (%, max)

Red seeds, red stripes 

0.75 (%, max)


50 (grains / 50 kg max)

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