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Asia Global Commodities today is a growing firm that is implementing the best practices in production, processing, and packaging of various rice products.

Ever since our establishment in early 1996, Asia Global Commodities has been gradually growing to be a leading worldwide miller and exporter of foods and agricultural products focusing on rice, vegetable oil, sugar, coconut, cashew nut, wheat, flour, and other food stuffs, etc.… 



  • Our core values lie in producing the best quality rice products for our customers. Our standardized operations are based on industry's best practices which enable us to become a reliable supplier in the food and agrarian sectors.
  • We treat customers with excellence in rice production, processing, packaging, and supply, giving you the finest range of rice. Our clientele enjoy working with us as we guarantee high standards in quality and commitment to develop strong business relationships that go beyond the traditional barriers in our sector.
  • Today, we are proud business dealers and cultivators in the field of Rice and tomorrow, we plan on being even better.

Through a well-established network of our own manufacturers and associate processors, we are able to supply high quality foods and agricultural commodities at best prices. We are counting on innovation, flexibility and a hands – on approach to keep us on top in an ever changing global market. 

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Asia Global Commodities takes pride in serving the world with top quality rice products at the most reasonable rates. Our ultimate priority is to make sure that our clients and customers only get products that we would want to use. These values resonate in our organization and have helped us become the firm that we are today!
US, UK, Benin, Brazil, China, Cameroon, Coast, Chilli, Dubai, Europe, Indonesia, South Africa, South America, Sri Lanka, Ivory, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, Portuguese Guinea, Russia & The Rest of the World
Asia Global Commodities implements best practices in production, processing, quality control, and deployment of technology. Our rice fields are treated with non biohazard products that keep microorganisms at bay. Upon harvesting, we transfer the rice to the processing plant where foreign objects and husk is removed from the paddy. All Asia Global Commodities products go under SGS qualility control which is the worlds leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company guaranteeing you only the best end product.
Asia Global Commodities decided to embark on a journey of producing the highest quality of rice products. Our companies 'what we produce is what we would eat' approach has helped Asia Global Commodities serve thousands of customers in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa with fresh and aromatic rice products that are as natural as they come.
ASIA GLOBAL COMMODITIES DEVELOPMENT PTE .LTD with a vision to become the World’s leading rice miller and exporter. Through innovation, initiative and operating excellence, we develop great tasting and nutritious foods that excite and satisfy consumers all over parts of the world. Rice makes people’s life better.

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